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Jean David Nkot, from Suffering to Resilience

Using the human condition as a guideline, Jean David Nkot builds through his work, the archives of the anonymous of his time. He exposes the faces history will forget. Those the governments ignore. Workers, migrants, but above all, human beings. The composition of his paintings – detailed, almost cinematographic – track the lives of the characters of the captured moment. No word is needed. Their gaze pierces the visitor until it reaches their soul.

Han Bing, Politics of Love

Han Bing, a young Chinese versatile artist, openly accuses the consequences of globalization and stresses us to focus on love as the answer to the contemporary crisis. around past and present art memory, taking form in an immense body of photography artworks.


Alice Cooper to Auction Unauthenticated Warhol Electric Chair Painting

In 2017, heavy metal musician Alice Cooper found an Andy Warhol silkscreen of an electric chair that had been in storage in his Arizona home for four decades. Now, Cooper is planning to auction the piece, titled Little Electric Chair.

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'Tonight we took the pulse of the market -- and it is clearly racing'

Despite ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, it was — almost — business as usual at New York’s spring auctions this week, with two paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat fetching $144M among other exhilarating sales.

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Julie Mehretu Painting Could Raise $4M for Mass Incarceration Reform

The United States is the world leader in incarceration, with  2.3 million people locked up in state and federal jails, juvenile correctional facilities, and immigration detention centers. Most imprisoned individuals are  or non-criminal violations, and a disproportionate fraction of them are Black.

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Phillips to Accept Cryptocurrency for a Physical Artwork

Auction House to Accept Cryptocurrency for Banksy’s ‘Laugh Now Panel Ain the 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale in Collaboration with Poly Auction

The two houses kicked off the Asia touring previews in Beijing this week with the exhibition now opening in Shanghai today, before travelling to Shenzhen, Taipei, Taichung and Hong Kong, ahead of the auctions on 7-8 June.

This marks the first time a major auction house in Asia will accept Bitcoin or Ether as a payment option for a physical work of art. This follows the success of Phillips’ inaugural NFT sale of Mad Dog Jones’ multi-generational NFT, REPLICATOR, which sold for over US$4 million in April.

Bidding for “Laugh Now Panel A”will be conducted in Hong Kong Dollars and the winning buyer will have the option to pay the hammer price as well as the buyer’s premiumwith cryptocurrency into the Company’s wallet with Coinbase.

gen Z artist's portfolio

Since Generation Z is characterized as a generation that embraces connectivity and interconnection among diversity, nothing speaks louder than looking into some Generation-Z artists’individual creativity; and thus gets connected with the various perspectives from each of these unique souls.

ArtPremium hereby attempts an initial selection  of artists whose talents and potentials are note to be disregarded for the years to come, and thereby opens gateway to explore boundless universe of numerous other Gen-Z artists.


The Fascinating Generation Z

The youth are the future. In a world of changing political and social times, we are amongst a field of dynamic discourse and developing the new world around us… our new technological world.

Postgraduate Opportunities for Artists

The opportunities available to artists beyond the classroom can be endless, depending on the will and determination of the artist.

The Awakening

We live in an absolutely remarkable period of time, in which discoveries, technological advances, systems of realizations, and, evidently, the materialistic formation of thoughts and creation are evolving at a never-before-seen speed.