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Phytocene : The first-ever vegetal NFT sold at Phillips London

The Phillips auction sale New Now in London on the 13 July 2021 presented a collective artwork The ‘Phytocene’ NFT, a « non fungible token », sold for £10 000, created by the musician Agoria, the Oscar-winning sound designer Nicolas Becker and the biophysicist Nicolas Desprat, produced and curated by the artist residency 91.530 Le Marais.

Jean David Nkot, from Suffering to Resilience

Using the human condition as a guideline, Jean David Nkot builds through his work, the archives of the anonymous of his time. He exposes the faces history will forget. Those the governments ignore. Workers, migrants, but above all, human beings. The composition of his paintings – detailed, almost cinematographic – track the lives of the characters of the captured moment. No word is needed. Their gaze pierces the visitor until it reaches their soul.

Han Bing, Politics of Love

Han Bing, a young Chinese versatile artist, openly accuses the consequences of globalization and stresses us to focus on love as the answer to the contemporary crisis. around past and present art memory, taking form in an immense body of photography artworks.


Louvre Abu Dhabi launches $50,000 Prize to spotlight emerging artists

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, in partnership with the watch brand Richard Mille, is launching a new annual exhibition to spotlight the work of emerging artists who will also receive $50,000.
The new exhibition series, titled “Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here,” will be conducted via an open-call process for contemporary artists working in any media to submit proposals to show work in the museum’s Forum space. 

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Tokyo Olympics Reveals Works by Makoto Tojiki and Xavier Veilhan

Tokyo’s Olympic Agora opened on 1 July. The cultural hub features works by artists from Japan and around the world. Among the highlights are a light sculpture called Solidarity + Collaboration (2021) by Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki and an installation by French artist Xavier Veilhan called The Audience (2020), which consists of five life-size spectators of different ages, genders and ethnicities—one in each of the Olympic colours.

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Sale of rare Leonardo drawing triggers legal battle in France

A small pen-and-ink drawing attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, which lay buried unrecognized in a box for decades, is at the middle of a battle between its owner and France’s culture ministry that will play out in a Paris court on Wednesday.
The court will begin hearing if the drawing of a martyred Saint Sebastian lashed to a tree is allowed to leave France for eventual purchase by a foreign buyer.

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gen Z artist's portfolio

Since Generation Z is characterized as a generation that embraces connectivity and interconnection among diversity, nothing speaks louder than looking into some Generation-Z artists’individual creativity; and thus gets connected with the various perspectives from each of these unique souls.

ArtPremium hereby attempts an initial selection  of artists whose talents and potentials are note to be disregarded for the years to come, and thereby opens gateway to explore boundless universe of numerous other Gen-Z artists.


The Fascinating Generation Z

The youth are the future. In a world of changing political and social times, we are amongst a field of dynamic discourse and developing the new world around us… our new technological world.

Postgraduate Opportunities for Artists

The opportunities available to artists beyond the classroom can be endless, depending on the will and determination of the artist.

The Awakening

We live in an absolutely remarkable period of time, in which discoveries, technological advances, systems of realizations, and, evidently, the materialistic formation of thoughts and creation are evolving at a never-before-seen speed.