ArtPremium Winter 2018 takes you to the discover Israel’s contemporary art scene. Israel’s vibrant contemporary art scene discloses a different facet on the life of this young nation. Often associated with political conflicts, our Autumn issue reveals a lively ecosystem where prestigious institutions such as the Israel Museum or the Tel Aviv Museum and smaller establishments coexist in a flourishing environment. Art collectors, curators, museums directors and artists were interviewed for this issue to give our readers a thorough view on Israel’s compelling art landscape.

Cover:  Shai Kremer
160 pages – 23 x 30 cm – 730gr.



Where life and dreams are as one
Evgenia Arbugaeva photography takes us on a journey where dreams and nostalgia acquire new meanings.

A new language to come
ArtPremium takes you to discover American artist James Clar. His light installations and media sculptures question technology’s role in our society while thinking on the future of humankind.

Motley’s the Only Wear
The collaborative duo Aziz + Cucher revitalises the historical tapestry in contemporary art, documenting the bleak realities of our modern world.

Eamonn Doyle, “I, On, End”
After 20 years of hiatus, Eamonn Doyle has risen from the crowd with a fresh perspective to street photography. His work echoes the bustling sounds in the capital city of Ireland.


A Matter of Blood
Contemporary Israeli artist Sigalit Landau explores Judaic symbols and Israel’s history. Via her artistic practice, the audience understands and is instructed on the current state of mind of the artistic ecosystem.

As Art Holds a Mirror Up to Life
Haifa Museum of Art is an institution that perpetually innovates through its socio-politically conscious exhibition programme, putting the art scene in Haifa in contention with those in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv.

A Place to Call Home
Artis is a New York-based non-profit organisation that provides an international platform for Israeli artists to perform. It aims to create different types of bridges between the Israeli art world and rest of the circuit and it is succeeding.

The image as a doubt
Ori Gersht body of work retraces photography and cinema’s history, through his still and moving images, he questions the regime of truth.

Mishkan Museum
Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod is a lesser-known but nonetheless important and historic museum in Israel. We look into its many activities before the celebrations of its 70th anniversary in 2018.

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