ArtPremium had the chance to interview Emi Eu, director of STPI, a creative workshop and gallery located in Singapore. Exhibiting artists such as Anri Sala, Jane Lee, Do Ho Suh, Rirkrit Tiravanija and more, and celebrating their 15th Anniversary, STPI has position itself as a forward thinking organization working closely with public institutions.

15 years ago when STPI was inaugurated, the director struggled to convince artists to come over Singapore to participate in their residency programs. Now, after a long journey and having witnessed the globalization and booming of the contemporary art market, Eu affirms they no longer have to fight to persuade creators to come to the city. Aided by the national government – 20% of their annual budget is provided by them – STPI’s financial plan is a genuine model of a successful partnership between public and private sectors working together to position Singapore in the contemporary art radar. Another strategy they have been developing is to participate in international art fairs, “the art fairs are for us the best marketing platforms, as we are far aways from the culture centres such as London, Paris, or New York, we connect with the rest of the world”, stated Eu during our exchange.

But what is STPI’s objective and what distinguishes them from other galleries? Aside the financial scheme, the gallery focuses on working with artists that focus on paper and print making. “The artist must possess the caliber of working in a collaborative environment, he must be capable of taking advantage of all the resources we have for their disposition”, stated Eu. Artists such as Sun Xun, Ashley Bickerton, Philippe Parreno, Teresita Fernández, Haegue Yang, among others, have participated in their workshops. And yet, there are some artists that before working with STPI never worked on paper, STPI is therefore a laboratory for those creators.

Until November 11th 2017, STPI will be exhibiting the work of Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, a duo of artists breaking frontiers and experiments with the shapes of papers. We are eager to see what new will be the forthcoming projects of this unique space.


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