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Ohemaa Dixon

by | Jun 26, 2020

Age: 21
New York, USA
@obscuralibra (IG)

Published on ArtPremium Magazine Winter 2020, page 90.

Ohemaa Dixon (1998) is a fine art photographer located in New York. Art is an important part of Ohemaa’s purpose and as a minority artist, she wants to work to create opportunities for other minority artists to gain recognition and access in the art world through social activism and community outreach and avid support of artists of color. Ohemaa is currently a senior at Syracuse University pursuing a BFA in Art Photography.


Ohemaa constantly seeks to push the boundaries of the print medium and the installation space. She also experiments with alternative mediums of photography and print such as silkscreen, as well as incorporating sculpture and form in her installations.

Besides her active work as an artist, she also works on discussions on how to avidly include art by people of color in the discussion of what is considered “important” in art history dialogues and catalogs. In the past, she worked on a group curation of Asian Art on Hiroshima at the Everson Art Museum in Syracuse, NY. More recently she was commissioned by Syracuse University to do art research called The Effect of French Republic Mentality on Black Art Collections in France.