Kiro Urdin

One point everywhere, everything in one point
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Covid Times Project


Man is living energy that can sometimes stay inert, or it can “wake up” in certain circumstances. And what exactly can activate that “force” no one knows, or it might be different for everyone.

I allow myself to tell my little story about how I began my project (500 oil paintings, small format). I began, but I myself don’t know how I began! There, accidentally, without wanting, without thinking, without planning.

One, two, three, and the wheel started moving… like drops falling down from a glass that’s being filled. Further on, the paintings made determine the destiny of the process. Together with the paintings I, too, was born, while the pandemic raged on the outside. Human life was like a bundle of wheat being mercilessly reaped by the pandemic. Even the most cordial people became strangers. The global man began fearing the global shadow of death. Thus, I was closed up in my studio, as a prehistoric man in his dark cave. The only dialogue I had was with the scattered papers, paints, and paintbrushes, and the little pools on the floor warned me of the uncertainty of life. I simply painted, painted, painted so as not to wake the dream dreaming inside of me. And thus it happened.

Kiro Urdin




by Corinne Timsit
Editor in Chief of ArtPremium Magazine

Kiro has such a need of freedom that he desires constantly to get away from the painting magnetism and escape towards physically palpable regions, in order to touch them up with his camera and to dip his pictorial cosmic universe in the accessible lands of ethnos groups, and of the nature’s, which our planet abounds.

Kiro traveled all over the world with a canvas of 48 m2, Planetarium, and accomplished the painting inspired by various cultures encountered along his journey, from the most emblematic place to the most eccentric. The film Planetarium, a witness of the epic adventure, inspired the choreographer Debbie Wilson to create a performance.

His transcription from film to painting and painting to film is a transcendence of the visual movement connected to matter and color, to rewrite reality, to re-establish the reference symbols of our everyday life, to propose them lacking in taboo and sectarian references.

The work of Kiro reached a gasp between the breakout of the painting and the testimony of the camera, which tirelessly questions himself on his intrinsic version of the Creation. 

Life sits in his work lit up by emotions creating chaos, which facilitates him to fit into the resonance of higher spaces.

The Anthology of Kiro Urdin

Offered with the purchase of Kiro’s artwork
420 pages – features paintings, drawings, aphorisms, photographies and films (value 250€)


Published by ArtPremium

“One point everywhere,
everything in one point.”

Kiro Urdin in his studio
Boin in 1945 – Skopje
Macedonian – French
Lives & works in Knokke – Belgium
1945 Born in Macedonia
1969 Obtained a degree from the Faculty of Law at the Belgrade University
1971-73 Worked as a journalist
1972 Worked as a chief designer for the telecasts “You with us too” and “Contact”, dedicated to the music composed by Beethoven, Verdi, Mozart, Chopin, and Monteverdi
1974 Studied at the “Academie des Arts Plastiques” in Paris
1977 Obtained a Degree in Film Directing from the ”Academy of Cinema” in Paris
1982-83 Painted the portraits of the participants in the renowned “Soirees Poétiques de Struga” series (Neruda, Montale, Orlov, Okai, Guivellic)
1984 Worked as an independent painter in different countries: France, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Taiwan
1985 Wrote and published the book “Le dédoublement de la personnalité”
1987 Listed in the reference work ”Le Dessin, le Pastel et l’Aquarelle of the contemporary arts”, published by Editions Mayer
1995 Represented France at the French Art Festival in Taïpei
1996 Illustrated the cover of the book by Jacques Delors “Combats pour l’Europe”
1997 Illustrated the cover of the book by Anatoli Karpov “Mes plus belles victoires”
1997 Represented the Republic of Macedonia in Thessaloniki – Culture Capital of Europe ’97
1995-97 Traveled around the world and realised Planetarium as a multimedia project which included paintings, films, and photos
1998-2002 Wrote 8 books of poetry and aphorisms in French and English
2003 Planetarium became a worldwide ballet performance created by the choreographer Debbie Wilson
2005 Became a member of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences
2007 Exhibited at the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Skopje and in Budapest
2008 Represented Macedonia at the Festival de la Francophonie de Moscou in Russia.