ArtPremium Spring Summer 2016


In this edition, ArtPremium takes you on a visual journey into the contemporary art life in Africa and its diaspora. Conscientious of the burgeoning worldwide popularity of contemporary African art, international cultural institutions such as Guggenheim Bilbao and New York and many alike bring us exhibitions on the diversity of the region’s artistic creation.

160 pages – 23 x 30 cm – 730gr.



Marcus Lyon: An Idea Leader
Through his kaleidoscopic images, the British artist Marcus Lyon shows us the complexity of a possible dystopia.

Elodie Abergel, Full-time “artivist”
The french-israeli creates what she calls “sharing territories” a specific space where individuals opposed by their ideology are invited to share new experiences.

Master of Disguise turning trash to treasure 
Chinese photographer Yao Lu gives us a lecture on the ethics of modernisation within societies.

Soo Sunny Park: Light Whisperer
The Korean American artist’s sculptural installations reveal her deepest thoughts.


The Echo of African Contemporary Art
Africa is a continent of vast distinction in culture, religion, history and people. It is a basin of 54 countries and is like looking into a kaleidoscope; the myriad of colours splinters and fuses, reorganizing its structure every single second.

Making Africa. Illustrating Africa’s transformation
“Making Africa” – A contemporary continent of design, an exhibition presented this year at the Guggenheim Bilbao, featured a selection of 120 contemporary artists and designers sharing a common objective: to illustrate Africa’s transformation.

Sindika Dokolo, deeply rooted
The manifesto of the Sindika Dokolo Foundation is looud and clear – Culture is a fundamental individual right. The Congolese director emphasises the importance for artists to never lose touch with their roots.

Bonhams – Art Market Insider’s Intel
Bonhams’s Giles Peppiatt explains why the ‘Africa Now’ auction, until this day, remains the only sale of its kind and why the market should pay attention to the contemporary art production of this dynamic continent.

This Storm is What We Call Progress
Guggenheim New York presents But a Storm is Blowing from Paradise, an enlightening representation of contemporary art from the Middle East and North Africa.

Zeitz MOCAA – Mark Coetzee
Set Zeitz in Cape Town / In Plain Zeitz The inauguration of Zeitz MOCAA as Africa’s first museum of contemporary art will undoubtedly put South Africa on the map of the global contemporary art circuit.

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