We Believe In …

Hitomi Sato and the Attraction of Light
Nature and delicateness merge in the Japanese artist’s design inspirations to ease the mind and body from modern swiftness. 

Imaginary Landscapes of Laura Berson
Summary – Berson’s work oscillates between everything and nothing, here and there, and how one moves through the world. It is through hypersensitivity that her work is directed towards intimate questioning, playing on the different layers of reality with multiple variables.



Unveiling the future
Pierre Christophe Gam prolific art engages the audience in his installations paying homage to his African culture while allowing humanity to question his historical path. 

Federico Herrero and the truthfulness of colors
ArtPremium takes you to discover Costa Rican artist Federico Herrero, whose colorful patterns on paintings or murals enliven the environment and cross boundaries. 


Moulding Artistic & Global Minds
Establishing international networks and engaging in cross-cultural dialogue, art schools spanning the 5 continents are making waves in their creative hubs – raising student recognition worldwide. 

Artistic Elevation through Powerful Platforms of Exposure
Young artists are slowly but surely starting to get their visual word out there through participating in the art industry’s multiple forms of exposure, all of which can have a profound impact on their careers. 

In Conversation with Deborah Willis
There are many names in fine art that will forever ring through the course of time due to their distinction—Dr. Deborah Willis is one of these names that simply can never be forgotten. We sat down with Dr. Willis and had a dynamic discussion with her on her career, personal story, and Generation-Z artists. 

Post Graduate Opportunities
The opportunities available to artists beyond the classroom can be endless, depending on the will and determination of the artist. Where traditional paths may have in the past seemed more difficult to find success, many young artists are now turning towards accessible platforms of social media, in order to open doors for membership in the elite art-world establishment. 

On Instagram
Since its inception, social media has radically changed the way we look at and process art. Gotham Magazine stated that over 50 % of online buyers use Instagram for art-related business. The platform has radically changed how artists can gain exposure and make connections to important people. 

ArtPremium hereby attempts an initial selection of artists whose talents and potentials are not to be disregarded for the years to come.

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