ArtPremium Spring Summer 2016


ArtPremium magazine is pleased to present its Fall 2016 issue, a 160-page visual journey to the heart of the global contemporary art scene. In an effort to break into the flourishing Asia market, this edition spotlights, in more than 100 pages of content, the contemporary art and design landscape in South Korea.

160 pages – 23 x 30 cm – 730gr.



Thus Spoke the Silenced
Brigitte Waldach’s elegant script draws the history of a dimension that transcends our known space and time.

The Palpable Spectrum of Nature
Nils-Udo’s work with nature joins together the fields of art and life, manifesting their utopias in every crevice of existence


Karim Rashid
An interview with one of the most controversial and prolific designers of our time – Karim Rashid.


The Kid, Howl
Discovering the talented and multifaceted artistic practice of The Kid, the voice of the next generation.  

Armando Romero
The Mexican artist  aesthetics comingles Mexican muralism with pop culture symbols creating an unparalleled erudite language that combines high and low art.

Korean Contemporary Art & Design

The Breviloquence of Art
For Lee Ufan, feeling art surpasses all other experiences in his work since the vibration created in the trinity of artwork; emotional reaction and perception do not need the verbosity of art.

Prix Missulsang, Hermès Foundation
Over the past 10 years, Hermès has been developing philanthropic activities around the world. Their commitment to the South Korean art scene gave birth to the Missulsang Prize, an award encouraging young creators from the region.

The Two-Way Mirror
Lee Lee Nam’s video art reiterates the dramatic monologues of the protagonists in Old Masters paintings, renewing the traditions of visual narrative.

Perceiving the Inconceivable
Jang Seung-hyo’s work is situated in the realm between reality and fantasy, this is achieved thanks to his choice of medium.

Dongdaemun-design, Urban Resurgence
A glimpse into how the Dongdaemun Design Plaza catapulted Seoul’s fame to the world’s leading design capital.

A refreshing interview with KIAF’s director where she presents us with the burgeoning Asian art market and South Korea’s escalating position in it.

Leeum Museum, Samsung Foundation
Through architecture and a groundbreaking curatorial discourse, the Leeum Museum gathers in its 3 building complex, a harmonious and inviting ecosystem adapted to welcome all types of audiences.

Swimming Upstream
K Auction and Seoul Auction, the two art auction monoliths in the country, talk to us about the South Korean art market’s remarkable progression.

Becoming CI KIM
CI KIM is not simply an alter ego, it is the 5-letter synthesis of all that Kim Chang-il represents.

and More…