ArtPremium magazine is actively looking for contributors!

In our editorial team, we share a keen interest in high-quality ideas and insights on contemporary art. Artists, photographers, writers, everyone who has interest in contemporary art, we welcome established professionals and fresh new talents with like minds to contribute to our visual journey.

 ArtPremium breaks away from the conventional framework of magazine layouts. We no longer rest in the comfort zone of the rigid structure and fixed sections in every one of our issues. Our editorial style achieves an effortless travel into the boundless world of the international contemporary art scene.

 We take a genuine interest in artists’ career, and so was born the concept of “We Believe In”, which summarises our point of view on promising and talented artists from all around the world. ArtPremium embraces works of all mediums in our selection of artists.



If you are photographer

ArtPremium looks for visually enticing material that are of high resolution. We are living in the age of excessive information and heightened zeal for technology, in the age of a generation that responses instinctively to the omnipresence of images. Therefore, ArtPremium is the ardent proponent of expressing more with images.


If you are writer
At ArtPremium Magazine, we not only offer our reader a munificence of visuals in our layout, but we also emphasise on the concision of our texts, which compliments the reader’s visual experience and symbiotically empowering the development of one’s opinion. ArtPremium is a quarterly magazine, we are not interested in playing catch-up with the news in this information-hungry generation. We engage artists, art fair directors, collectors, curators, market experts and many more in thought-provoking conversations on their fields of expertise.

Our texts range from 500 words to 1500 words. We are adamant about getting our ideas through in the most efficient and elegant manner, while remaining a non academic publication.Portfolio

If the above information speaks strongly to you, please send us your submissions via email to [email protected].