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Allison Morris

by | Jun 27, 2020 | Gen Z

Age: 26
Montreal, QC
@allymorr (IG)

Published on ArtPremium Magazine Winter 2020, page 103.

Allison Morris is a  fine art photographer based in Montreal, Quebec. She has exhibited internationally in Florence, Rome, Belgrade, and Sardinia. Allison’s artistic practice explores themes of female representation, the construction of gender, beauty, youth, identity, and performance from a feminist perspective. She uses self-portraiture and traditionally feminine materials to challenge our perceptions of the body and the boundaries it creates. 


“What Is Hidden By What We See” is a body of work exploring the norms and expectations that construct and constrain the feminine body. This series of self-portraits presents the artist’s body in monstrous, amorphic, and covered forms that blur the line between woman and object, challenging the boundaries of the feminine body and what it represents. Taking inspiration from historical, mythological, and religious representations of women, these forms aim to create a sense of voyeuristic intrigue as well as repulsion in its audience, drawing attention to the fear surrounding feminine nature, sexuality and strength. They raise the question of what these concealed figures reveal about what lies beneath.