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Allison Dickermen

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Gen Z

Age: 20
New York, USA
@a_dick (IG)

Published on ArtPremium Magazine Winter 2020, page 113.

Allison Dickermen is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York. She works primarily in photography and collage in hopes of uncovering a common essence. Her work seeks to find uncomfortable and disorienting. She is currently pursuing her BFA in Studio Arts at Syracuse University.


Since beginning my journey at Syracuse University’s Studio Arts program, I have gained a knowledge and love for all aspects of creating. My focus is on multi-media work as I find that I don’t want to be limited to any one medium. Though I mostly use collage, sculpture, photography, and film to bring my ideas to fruition, as a student I find it important to learn and experiment as much as I possibly can by using all of the facilities available to us. 

I find comfort in discomfort as being uncomfortable sustains growth. My collage work aims to perpetuate this principle for the audience. I want to assist those who view my work in seeing a new perspective by turning the mundane and ordinary imagery we may come across every day on its head. No matter the medium, there is always a sense of the unknown within something very recognizable created by merging images, materials, and motifs that otherwise may not usually be seen together. Confusion, curiosity, and questions are encouraged. 

Differing from my practice of collage, I view photography as a way to capture a true moment without distortion or disruption. Most of my photography practice focuses on the subject of people, more specifically women. The genuine emotion we are able to capture through photography allows others to empathize and connect with the work and the subject. There is nothing more authentic than photographing my friends or strangers as each individual is unlike the next. What the subjects are wearing, what they’re facial features are communicating, and the way they interact with the environment around them becomes art in itself. My camera is a way of capturing, sharing, and celebrating as much of this individuality as possible.